An Exceptional Companion

An Exceptional Companion
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Having reviewed all the endless choices for companionship, have you concluded that you are ready for something more substantive – perhaps a confident and genuine woman with an intoxicating mix of sophistication, sensuality, and intelligence? Do you crave a woman whose sole focus is on understanding and unlocking your every need and desire and who is unafraid to show you her passion? Are you desirous of a woman who makes you feel alive in a fashion you have not felt in some time and who causes you to smile in the middle of a meeting at the memory of her perfume and of time spent together lost in each other? I am Samantha and….

I am that Woman.

I am the Quintessential Companion – an educated professional who is confident and elegant in public but passionate and seductive in private. Selective with whom I meet, my friends are discerning gentlemen and couples who are accustomed to the very best that life has to offer and who seek something more exciting and invigorating than the traditional “run of the mill” experience. I provide excitement without drama, confidence without arrogance, intelligence without manipulation, and romance without the complications, demands and expectations of a traditional relationship. I offer my friends the opportunity to spend time with a discreet and exquisitely feminine girlfriend whose full attention and commitment will always be on providing you with sanctuary from the stress of everyday life. Time where you can be comfortable, spoiled and relaxed as you experience life on your terms and discover the joy of simply having fun and fulfilling your every desire! I am your ideal choice if you are seeking a girlfriend to join you for a romantic and intimate dinner, to accompany you to a formal event, or to escape away with you on a business trip or to a remote beach. I am everything you could ever want in a girlfriend. Discreet and beautiful – our time together will be perfect and the details will linger in your memory as I quietly disappear until our next time together. Although based in New York City, I do frequently travel to meet established and new friends.


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