Bella Alyssa

Bella Alyssa


When you lay down in bed at night, what do you think about, dream about…..fantasize about?

A beautiful evening accompanied by champagne…..I reach over to you and brush my hand across you arm.  Our eyes intently locked on each other as the energy surges between us.  

Welome to my world.  I want you to engage in your fantasy, in your delight.  I want you to let your imagination run wild and dream about the about all your desires.  I want to take you to another place where time and space cease to exist.  If you will take a chance and join me for an instant, we can run free together….

I am a girl of much expectation and desire. I live for the thrill of immerging myself into new worlds.  Life has so much to offer. I seek to experience as much as I can.

If you would like to share a moment with me, please email for more information on screening, donations, etc…or go to my twitter account where you can view updates on my latest escapades. 



Bella Alyssa



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