Celine Marie

Celine Marie

Email: contact@celine-marie.net

Confident and ambitious, playful yet sophisticated.  Well dressed and well mannered, with interests spanning a multitude of subjects. I am passionate about so many things including (but not limited to) art, fashion, nature, culture, and health (although I can indulge); with art being my beloved. Carefree and easy-going with a notable wit, I fancy myself a social chameleon.

Aged 21, I have long limbs, naturally full lips, and European features. I laugh a lot, smile a lot, and genuinely enjoy life- a lot. I fully believe in making each day one to remember, even if it’s in small ways. I’m looking forward to enjoying time and making memories with you.


1H – 1500

1.5H – 2000

2H – 2500

3H – 3500

4H – 4000

5H – 4500

6H – 5000


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