DISCOVER Indulgence – When Were You Last Inspired?

DISCOVER Indulgence - When Were You Last Inspired?

Name:     Tabitha Cooks 4U
Location:     New York City, NY
Age:     30-39
Height:     5′ 6
Size:     32C
Ethnicity:     Mixed
Service:     1 HR: $500

Your demanding work with its endless meetings…your dull and unsatisfying home life… all but a distant memory once a mysterious black towncar whisks you away to an elegant brownstone.

Your exotic hostess and muse greets you with a hug, a kiss, a smile.

‘I’m so delighted you’re here.’

She sits you down, returning with your favorite drink. Her slender fingers massage your aching temples. Your senses are stimulated by her touch. Your body is relaxed by the libations served. Your mind is serene. Yet, your most basic need calls when a delicious aroma coming from the kitchen finds you.

‘Darling, you must be famished.’

Cold, bland takeout may await you at home but your amenable girlfriend has something more substantial in mind.

Visualize a candlelit dining room table adorned with your favorite dishes the mouthwatering smells, the colors, the sizzle, the spice all come to life beautifully plated. As select wines wet your lips, the two of you discuss only what is pleasurable you flirt, you debate, you laugh.

‘Ready for desert?’

She gently stokes your forearm, sending little sparks through your body.

Remember, you deserve only the best.

You’re led to a luxurious bubble bath topped with scarlet rosepetals, the heady scent of the steam hints at the true pleasure and pampering that awaits. She smiles at you invitingly.

‘What are you waiting for?’

The possibilities are boundless with your kitchen muse, mademoiselle Tabitha.


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