Giana Morrison

Giana Morrison


I am Giana Morrison born and raised in the New York area, I was privately schooled, and attended one of the most prestigious and competitive universities in the city. I worked as a professional agency model for several years, am of Norwegian and German descent, have a graduate degree and a real job, one which which blessedly gives me some scheduling flexibility.

I have a worn and trampled passport with stamps and visas from such diverse locales as Costa Rica, Brazil, Gabon, Russia, Thailand, Italy, Jordan, Israel, on and on. I adore travel and will go anywhere! I love the arts, and in my spare time am an avid photographer and photographer’s model.

I try to take advantage of all the resources New York has to offer, and have not lost my thrill of being part of this exciting city. At the same time I am very dedicated to my job and participate in this activity sparingly and as I can accomodate without prejudicing my ‘real life’. If I sound intriguing please contact me by email and provide a reference.

Please note: a donation to my favorite charity is 600 incall and 700 outcall.

Thank you.