Ivy Rose

Ivy Rose

Email: climbingivyrose@protonmail.ch

Well fancy meeting you here. I suppose we frequent the same establishments.

There, look, we already have something in common – good taste. And another, too – a desire to explore. To let loose. To toss caution to the wind (after caution has been taken) and revel in the abandon of the sight, the sound, the deliciously heady smell of… being.

From what I already know about you, I guarantee it will be amazing. Your mind, my expertise. Your ideas, my enthusiasm.

Let’s talk.

I’m Ivy. At 5’3, I’m short enough to make you feel tall, fit enough to make you want to turn mountaineer with me, and flexible enough to shiver your ideas of human limitations. I have an elegance long trained, and a laugh easily shared. Warmth and connection come as easy to me as breathing, dancing, and reading – all of which are crucial to my existence (though not necessarily in that order). Oh, and I unabashedly love puns – prepare yourself.

Soon to be yours, entirely,



For those of you with more ambition than sense, please do note that I will not respond to poorly worded, incomplete, or vulgar/explicit emails. Be the gentleman you’d like to meet, and I’ll be the lady you’ll get to.


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