Let Me Be Your Fantasy. Your Oasis in the Desert. Your Ebony Dream..

Let Me Be Your Fantasy. Your Oasis in the Desert. Your Ebony Dream..

Name:     Anouk
Location:     New York City / Manhattan, NY
Age:     20
Height:     5′ 9
Size:     36DD+
Ethnicity:     Black
Website:     AxelleVadnais.com

Tell me what your ultimate fantasy is…..

Go on don’t be shy, indulge yourself, let loose, set your mind free knowing that you’ll have the utmost discretion in place to safely flesh out your dream.

I’m your fun loving, exotic and witty clandestine girlfriend after all…

…or your naughty school girl.

The choice is yours, handsome.

I aim to take you away from the stress of home and work. To replace empty homes with sound and vision, nagging, detached wives or girlfriends with my attentiveness and will to please, replace the headache of difficult  co workers, bosses, partners with an understanding and inquisitive ear.

Let me be your oasis in the desert.

We can go to dinner at a beautiful restaurant, becoming food connoisseurs of the highest caliber and then be whisked away in a private car to become bewitched by an amazing show afterwards….

…or become bewitched by each others eyes in dim lighting.

Again, the choice is yours to make.

My soft, humble and welcoming demeanor is sure to put you at ease if you are nervous about taking thous first steps down the path of indulgence.

If you need help formulating exactly how your fantasy should go, my hourglass figure, 5 ft 8 in stature, hypnotic green eyes, supple soft skin and long luxurious wavy hair should give you an idea or two once we meet in person. Many have cited me as their muse, their catalyst for inspiration. I can be yours as well.

Let me be your fantasy…..

Let me be the woman you have always dreamed of meeting.

After all, life is too short not to indulge yourself.

Till we meet….

Love, Axelle.

P.S. At my interactive website you can make a date, learn more about me, view more pictures, hear my voice see video, and more! AxelleVadnais.com.