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Phone: (347)612-2698
Website: raicca.escortbook.com

Hello Guys,

Let me introduce my self I am Raicca, half Brazilian and Dutch, have been live in Norway for almost 2 very successful years, I work in the marketing and Communication business, but my contract soon will end and I am looking forward new challengers and opportunities.
So decided to move to USA and I am looking forward excitement and new friends…

My goals are:

Share, attract, make happen, be helpful, be seductive and creates good ambience for the people around me!
I don’t want make so much statement about my self , try to convince by writing, in fact, that is very simple for who worked the whole life with communication, business.
The through of matter is that by writing, we can became master of anything, I used to say.
So, therefor, I will avoid that…

If you google Raicca in Norway, you will find many good things related to my great personality…
Hope I get the chance to show my self as much I can !!!



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